1 Can 2 Can


The 1 Can 2 Can slot machine is based on the cartoon character “BC Buck” which was a famous character in many animated films and TV series. The good 1 Can 2 Can machine comes with 25 slots, 5 revolving reels and a total of 3 rows. Two cans make you rich when you go to tropical forest therefore if you choose to play this casino game then surely you’ll be lucky enough to win! If your luck stands well then you can expect to win more than what you spend on it. When you win more you can choose to buy extra things like an umbrella or something else which will further enhance your winning rate!

There are a lot of casino games that require specific skill that is needed to be successful but the one thing that this slot machine has over all other slot games is the various bonuses that are provided to players on a regular basis. One of these bonuses includes the ability to change the reels with the help of a coin. Another bonus includes a free can of soda when you win a jackpot. Apart from these offers there are also several other bonuses that can be found in every pack. These bonuses don’t require any coins to be purchased hence making it even more attractive to those who wish to try out this casino game.

This particular slot machine is one of those that do not have much of a minimum bet. Players can place a lower stake and still enjoy the benefits that this offers to them. For example, players who would want to win back the amount they spent in buying a ticket for this slot game can do so by betting the lower stake. They can also participate in a pot tournament and if their winnings match the stake they have placed then they get additional rewards including an additional can of soda. These players should remember though that they need to bet in this slot game in order to maximize the amount they stand to gain.