Poke the guy


Poke The Guy is a radical break from the normal reels spinning game in a typical casino. Rather than being a reel’s game, it is an interactive platform game that paves the way for a much more active gaming experience. In short, you are the controller instead of the jackpot prize recipient. You are the star of your own mini-adventure that you play against the unseen Guy, who has taken up residence in your city and is terrorizing the locals with his insane antics.

Poke the Guy is very different from other slot games in that there are no reels. In addition, instead of a single person playing the game at a time, there are multiple people at once, all trying to trigger the same result, by hitting the right icons on the touch screen. Because of this, each player in the game is given a different amount of time, and the competition is quite fierce between players. It’s like playing the popular casino game Seven Card Stud. Except you are not simply studly stud but have to Dodge all the cards while also attacking the other players.

While there is certainly a bit of luck involved in winning, much of the fun of Poke The Guy is in its strategy element. Players are rewarded for their strategic play through a variety of special features found within the game’s interface and codes. Some of these special features include the ability to change various attributes of your character at will. This includes increasing or decreasing the chance of certain icons being triggered, and the lowering or raising of the score required to win. Plus, certain icons cause changes to the play-ability of items within the game, which means you need to be very careful when you choose what items you wish to activate.

One of the best features of Poke the Guy is the ability to purchase packs of slot machines. There are four slots to play with, giving players an excellent amount of options when it comes to how many times they can play the game. In addition to this, each time you win a coin from a machine, you get to use it to acquire more coins. These four machines can be used in any order you want, and even though they are all spin cycles, there are no special icons required for playing them – this means that you can put them in any slot where you feel comfortable starting out.

There are a few downsides to Poke the Guy, however. First, it’s very difficult to actually win the game – it takes a very long time before you actually stand a good chance of winning, and while some people think you should bet a small amount initially to increase your chances, it really doesn’t work that way. Instead, it’s better to bet just a little bit each time so that you have a higher payout on the slots. Another problem is the payout; while it’s not particularly high, it isn’t anything you’d consider satisfactory. On the other hand, the fun factor certainly outweighs this small drawback.

Overall, it’s a great game to play and it provides a good alternative to slot games where you don’t necessarily want to spend too much money. If you enjoy playing slot games but find them boring, then this is definitely the game for you. It’s free and it’s simple enough to pick up and play – especially if you learn to read paylines. You can’t go wrong by trying this one! It’s definitely worth a look.